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Myteri is a D.I.Y band from Gothenburg/Falkoping/Kristinehamn, Sweden who play melodic crust.

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Ruiner (US)

Ruiner was a fast, but Melodic Hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland. They released three LPs(I Heard These Dudes Are Assholes, Prepare To Be Let Down, and Hell Is Empty). They also released two EPs(What Could Possibly Go Right, and Dead Weight).

Fall 2004- October 5th we played our first show and released our first 3 song demo.
Winter 2004-05- Embarked on our first east coast/midwest tour with friends The Spark for 2 weeks.Spring 2005- East coast tour with friends No Idols. May 05 released 7" EP "What Could Possibly Go Right..." through Firestarter and Gravemistake Records.Summer 2005- Headed out on our first US tour, half of which was with Day of the Dead from Portugal, replaced our transmission twice on this tour. Cam...

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Agenda (NO)

There are several artists named Agenda.

1) Norwegian hardcore/crust/punk band

Agenda is a crust-band from Stavanger, Norway that started when the world should have ended, in December 2012. Combining elements from Scandinavian hardcore and old school death metal, the band is gearing up to unleash their fury upon the world. The debut record 'Menneskehetens Massegrav' ('Mankind's Mass Grave') is out now on 12" vinyl via Negative Vibe Records.

2) Raul Geisler & D'Arc Bones

3) Finnish crustpunk band.

4) Norwegian cover band (1999-2000) based in Sandane, Sogn og Fjordane.

The band concisted of now well known guys from popular rock groups; Ungdomskulen, Klagemur, ARF and many ma...

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Bird and Beast