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After having four singles on the Swedish radiostation P3's playlists (”Spela mig på radion”, ”Förlorad generation” and ”1000-0 till idioterna” "Visst är det vackert”) Zacke released his debutalbum "Visst är det vackert". The album, that was produced by Mördar-Anders from Movits! was praised by critics and listeners. Scandinavia's largest hip-hop magazine Kingsize wrote that the album was "one of the better ones that have been released in a long time". Even other critics were impressed by Zacke's original style and praised him.

2010 was an eventful year with album releases, TV appearances and touring. In January Zacke was on a month long US tour with Movits! The successful tour with 16 gigs around the country lead to a contract...

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