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Shakedown Suzies

Sleazy, dirty rock n' roll from Jönköping. Sweden.

Started back in early 2009, by Ricki and Jon in Jönköping, the band has released a bunch of demos and played with some really cool bands during the years. Right now their debut album (mixed and mastered by Ulf Blomberg from Grace.Will.Fall.) is in the release stage. Of course it has taken too much time but the ETA is fall/winter 2015.

Eight songs, both older favorites and brand new material, will be released on vinyl and digital. Although there's a lot of album talk around the corner right now, Shakedown Suzies is probably more known for their sweaty, adrenaline packed and 100% top fueled live shows.


Ricki (aka the Rascal) - Vox and a...

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