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There are three artists/bands known as Rotation:
1. A German dance act from the 90s.
2. A 5 piece alt/rock band from Detroit.
3. A pseudonym for Australian electronic music/techno producers HMC and Theo Bambacas (aka Thee).

1. Rotation is a German dance act produced by the party animals. They recorded the singles "Magnificient 7" and "Let the Music Play"

2. Rotation is a 5 piece alt/rock band hailing from Detroit, Michigan. With heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics and organic, yet precision production, Rotation pushes the envelope further with each endeavor. Coupled with packed headlining shows and sharing the stage with acts like We The Kings, Sick Puppies, Mike Posner, Hawthorne Heights, Mayday Parade, Rooki...

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Magnus Bergman