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Dunderpatrullen is a crazy electronica trio from Östersund, Sweden formed in 2007. The group consists of Jim Lindgren, Stefan Björn, Patrik Andersson and Erik Sjöstrand. The usual music they offer are most often characterized by heavy bass and samples, ranging from Game Boy, Commodore 64 arpeggios to harmonica and banjodashing. Dunderpatrullen have played at clubs and festivals all around in Sweden from Hässleholm in the south to Skellefteå in the north, including Dreamhack, the world's largest computer festival.

In May 2010 the group's second album "Analoga steroider" (Analog Steroids) was released on iTunes, 7digital, CDON and Spotify among others.

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Coola Kids

Coola Kids was founded by Pontus Anderssen former solo artist "Skrattattack" when he met hip-hop artist Serhat Demirok "Beatzzeria" on Swedish electronic music festival "Emmabodafestivalen" of 2014.
Their music focuses on merging the world of electronic pop and hip-hop together, and in the span of less than a year the successfully played for thousands of people on clubs and festivals around Sweden.
Their first released single "Ligga Med Nils" (2015) became a viral hit with over 250'000 plays on Spotify. "Håll Käften EP" was released early 2016 with 5 new songs, among them "Grillkrydda" that have been popularized through Facebook, furthermore collaborations with artists like Far & Son, Miss Rafiki & Dunderpatrullen became an fac...

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