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Delorian is a rock influenced synth pop quartet from Sundsvall, Sweden, formed in the fall of 2012. Memebers include Pelle Hagner on vocals/percussion/guitar, Jerker Häggström on guitar/synthesizer, Henrik Nordlander on bass, and Oskar Unger on drums (the latter half previously from Up The Chimney).
Their first music video ("Hide And Seek") is a tribute to low-budget, post apocalyptic sci-fi movies of the 80's. Says the band: "Take equal parts 'Mad Max' and 'Stargate'. Produce it somewhere between 'Troll 2' and 'Birdemic'. Ta-da! You've got a fantastic video."

Delorian has released two singles, "Hide And Seek", produced by Måns Lundberg (Håkan Hellström, Deportees, Hurula), and "Talks", a duet featuring Helena Holmberg.Läs mer