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The Fresh & Onlys (US)

The Fresh & Onlys are a garage pop band from San Francisco, California. They have several releases on Castleface, Dirty Knobby Records, and a few more coming, one namely on Woodsist.

"With their hallucinogenic brand of garage rock and eerie backing vocals, The Fresh and Onlys are reminiscent of San Francisco's earlier Haight & Ashbury ancestors. Their music takes it easy and lets the rock-out take a backdrop to their swooning, heavy- set garage rock vocals, simple but strong chord progressions, all coated in droplets of keyboards and undemanding drums. They are set to tour with Thee Oh Sees early this year and have opened for psychedelic soul legend Rodriguez." - Caroline Partamian
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The Lemon Twigs

The Lemon Twigs are an American pop/rock band from Long Island, New York, United States, fronted by brothers Brian D’Addario and Michael D’Addario. They both write and perform, they are joined for live performance by Megan Zeankowski on bass and Danny Ayala on keyboards and backing vocals.

The Times characterized The Lemon Twigs as "a modern-day band combining the melodic, harmony-rich soft rock of Wings and Supertramp, the underground cool of Big Star and the Ramones, and the theatricality of Broadway musicals." The Guardian cited the "humbling beauty of their songs" and their "sumptuous harmonies."

The band was signed to legendary British alternative music label 4AD in 2015. Their debut album, Do Hollywood, was re...

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Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels, from Stockholm, began as 4-piece, but in Autumn 1994 was reduced to three members. It includes a salesclerk, a radio producer and a guide at the Medieval Museum of Stockholm.

Rickard Lindgren: lead vocals, guitar
Åsa Sohlgren: bass, vocals
Johan Risberg: drums

The band has recorded Three albums, two EPs, seven CD singles, two 7" singles, and five videos. Plus a ten year anniversary B-sides and oddities collection

They have toured Sweden, the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Latvia, USA, Brazil and Japan.

The American indie scene and the British equivalent from the late 80s and 90s has influenced their style. Read more on . User-contribute...

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ShitKid is the project of 23-year-old Åsa Söderqvist based in Gothenburg in the south of Sweden. Born in 1992 and growing up in the northern part of Sweden, Åsa was a shy kid and in 2008 she moved away from home to study music, guitar and singing, for high school. Struggling with shyness and blackouts whenever she tried to perform in front of an audience, she turned away from music in favour of partying and boys.

After having her heart broken she returned to music 16 years old, singing in a local band and self-medicating with beers before every performance. After high school they moved to Gothenburg and the band fell apart, at the same time as she discovered feminism. Soon she had started a feminist punk band with two friends,...

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Carl-Johan Vallgren

Swedish author and singer/songwriter born 1964 in Linköping. Most famous for his book "Den vidunderliga kärlekens historia" (2002) for which he won Augustpriset.

* Klädpoker med djävulen (1996)
* Easy listening för masochister (1998)
* Kärlek och andra katastrofer (2001)
* 2000 mil, 400 nätter (2003)
* I provinsen (2004)

* Nomaderna (1987)
* Längta bort (1988)
* Fågelkvinnan (1990)
* Berättelser om sömn och vaka (1994)
* Dokument rörande spelaren Rubashov (1996)
* För herr Bachmanns broschyr (1998)
* Berlin på 8 kapitel (1999)
* Den vidunderliga kärlekens historia (2002) Read more on . User-contributed text is availa...

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