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Marco Pereira

Marco Pereira (born 1956) is a Brazilian classical guitarist. He was born in São Paulo and took lessons from Isaias Savio, an important Uruguaian guitarist and teacher who brought Llobet's technique to Brasil. He obtained his masters degree at the University of Paris-Sorbonne (Heitor Villa-Lobos and his work for guitar). He teaches Harmony, Arranging and Improvisation at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).[1]
He won important prizes in international guitar competitions such as: Concurso Andrés Segóvia (Palma de Mallorca) and Concurso Francisco Tárrega (Valencia). In Brazil he won the Brazilian Sharp Award for Best Soloist and for Best Album of the Year (1994). He also got this Award for best arranger for the album Gal, ...

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Miriam Aïda

Miriam Aïda, born 24 september 1974, is an Swedish jazz singer, and a resident of Malmö.

She and Saxophonist Fredrik Kronkvist are a couple, both private and musically. They are established in the Swedish jazz scene. Between tours and recordings she runs a jazz club named Monk in her hometown of Malmö, Sweden.

She is one of Swedens most popular jazz singers with an internationell career and has lately been performing at the Blue Note in Tokyo, London, Paris, Istanbul, Moscow, Helsinki, Oslo, Palermo, Berlin and of course all around Sweden. After her time exploring the music traditions of Brazil and her success with the album Meu Brasil she has been spotted in several national TV shows. Miriam´s extensive talen...

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