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Badi Assad (BR)

Jazziz praised Brazilian guitarist Badi Assad (pronounced Bah-Jee Ah-Sahje) as "a virtuoso of the highest order" while Guitar Player pegged her as "fearless!"

Wonderland, her second for Deutsche Grammophone is not only an album fantasy and hope; it is also a plea for some sanity in this insane world of ours. The CD touches on many taboo topics including rape, prejudice, child prostitution and loss of cultural identity. Assad beautifully puts her own stamp on Tori Amos' "Black Dove" and oozes sensuality on "Sweet Dreams" by the Eurythmics. The album also features special guest Seu Jorge on "Vacilão" as well as members of the Assad clan on many tracks. In her liner notes Badi stated; "Wonderland is a place where everything s...

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