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There are at least six bands in the world named Mondegreen:

1- Mondegreen is a french rock band created in 2003 in Paris. The current line-up is Patrice Beaudoux (vocals, guitar), François Dorléans (vocals, guitar, drums - former member of Naphta & The Skeletonz) and Benjamin Ballesta (bass, vocals). See for info.
- Sandcastles E.P. (2006) (6-track EP)
- Latecomers (2009) (12-track album)
- Waiting/Same to me (2013) (2-track single)
- Hey! (2016) (5-track EP)
With this last release, the band changed its name to Mond/green in order to avoid confusion.

2- Sweden's Mondegreen is an experimental rock band.

3- South Africa's Mondegreen ...

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