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Ye Banished Privateers

Ye Banished Privateers is a ten man strong band from Umeå, Sweden. The members consist of Members: Peter Mollwing, Jens Choong, Eva Maaharra, Björn Malmros, Sara Wallin, Emil Mäki, Magnus Mäki, Martin Gavelin, Jonas Nilsson, Richard Larsson and Hampus Holm.
The band recently released their debut album Songs and Curses, for free download on the Pirate Bay. The Album received nothing but positive comments, and was downloaded more than 120.000 times during the first week, placing itself as the No 1. downloaded album during the first 48 hours. Ye Banished Privateers' soundcloud page has had more than 100.000 streams since September and due to feedback from fans all over the world, Ye Banished Privateers has been chosen as the headlinin...

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