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Chris Lowe

Chris Lowe is the 15-year Hip Hop veteran, a legend that no one's heard of, another ultra-talented brother that never got the major label deal and (thus) shine he deserved.

But don't expect Lowe to bitch and moan like a crotchety grandpa; expanding on 2004's "Black Life," Lowe comes through in true veteran fashion with "The Next Thing Smoking," a straightforward album of classic-sounding bangers and sharp lyricism. This is what NY rap is all about; although it's almost certain Lowe still won't crossover with the new material, he will please anyone who recognizes substance over style and doesn't regularly go ga-ga over the newest shirtless thug.

Though I hate to make comparisons, the easiest way to describe Lowe's br...

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Brian Kramer (US)

Brian Kramer from Brooklyn, was barely out of his teens when he began hanging out with legendary blues men, picking up tips and advice from folks such as Buddy Guy and Junior Wells, whenever they visited his hometown of NYC. Junior Wells took a particular liking to Brian and paid careful attention in showing him the right moves and how to play from the heart.

In 1989, Junior joined Brian on his first record, Brian Kramer and the Bluesmasters featuring Junior Wells, Win or Lose, with Junior backing up Brian on almost every track and Brian supporting Junior on four of his songs. On these sessions were a gathering of the finest, most respected sidemen in the US, as well as former Rolling Stone, Mick Taylor.

Throughout ...

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