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Strange Brew

There are at least eight bands named Strange Brew:

1. Psychedelic blues band whose members consist of students from Dreyfoos Highschool of the Arts in West Palm Beach Florida.

2. Polish progressive trio formed a few years ago in Warsaw. They play a fusion of progressive rock, jazz, alternative and don't know what else.
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3. Bluesy rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with three albums out. Soon to have a fourth.

4. Funk rock fusion band formed in Rhinebeck NY. They released their first CD Strike Anywhere in 2007.

5. Rock and roll band originating at Newsome High School in Lithia, Florida.

6. R...

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The Swedish-Swiss dance act made up of Mandrax and Seb K, best known for the hit "At Night".

By the time they started Shakedown in 1999, Mandrax and Seb K. already had a good idea of each other’s musicality: they’re brothers, blending Swiss and Swedish backgrounds. Stephan Mandrax is no newcomer to electronic music. Initially a fan of new wave and punk (making his 1984 DJ debut in a rock club), house music found him in 1986. Stephan moved to New York in 1992, starting the labels Liquid Groove and Boombastic and producing records with the legendary Mike Delgado. In late 1999, he returned to Switzerland to set up a new home and a new studio. Over the last decade his ear, his understanding of the dancefloor and his skills in the ...

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