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There are multiple artists named Sanctum:

1) Sanctum is a heavily metal influenced crust punk band from Seattle, Washington, USA. They released two EPs, a split records with Stormcrow (US), and a full-length LP titled "On the Horizon". They are similar to Stormcrow, Stagnation, Hellshock and early Bolt Thrower.

2) Sanctum is an industrial group from Sweden, formed in 1994 and signed to the Cold Meat Industry label.

3) Sanctum is an MC from Leuven, Belgium. Originally one half of S.E.C.U. (La Sagesse Elevé par la Communication Oublié), he persued a solo career. His first album "Opper-rationeel" was free to download from his website. In 2002, it was released by Mental Records. A second record "Amor Fati" fo...

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Kungens Män

Started playing in 2012, from Stockholm, Sweden. Current members are:

Peter Eriksson - synthesizerHans Hjelm - guitarMattias Indy Pettersson (ex Massgrav) - drumsMikael Tuominen (ex Switch Opens) - guitar and vocalsMagnus Öhrn - bass

Occasional members include Tomas Bergstrand (synthesizer, guitar) and Gustav Nygren (saxophone).

The band released their first recording, Hissmusik, in 2013 on the Ljudkassett! label. They have released two double vinyl albums on Adansonia Records: Förnekaren in 2015 and Stockholm Maraton in 2016.

This is the band's main site for updates: Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA L...

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