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My First Band (UK)

There are at least two artists who operate under the name of My First Band

[1] Finnish band with 80's and 90's synthpop and rock sounds. Their debut album "You Look So Bored" was released in the beginning of 2009. The sophomore album "Mercury & Glitter" was released in 2011, and the third album called "Corazon" was released in 2014. Corazon was somewhat of a success with its hit songs like "Don't Break My Corazon", "This One's Gonna Hurt", "Freedom Fighter" and "Parachute".

The band consists of:

Antti Koivula, vocals
Heikki Puhakainen, keys
Juho Vehmanen, bass
Heikki Kytölä, drums
Mikko Virta, guitar

[2] Swedish band, consisting o...

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