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Echoes (UK)

Several bands are named Echoes.

(1) A Progressive rock band, formed in late 2004 in Caracas, Venezuela, with the idea of making music without any kind of limits. Formed by three guitars, bass, keyboards and drums, adding a “cuatro” (typical venezuelan instrument) once in a while, you get to see a not so common line-up inside the standards of the genre.
Shortly after the inception of the band, in may 2005, they won the prestigious “Festival Alma Mater Rock” in Caracas, being the first instrumental band in getting that award. Through 2006, they kept on playing live shows and in 2007 they took a break from playing live so they could start working on their first album, wich is due sometime around 2008. The album's name will b...

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Psyhodelic-dance-crash-something-called past.

OskOlok - voice, guitar, recorder, keys, harp, noise, songs
Queen od flea - bass, voice, keys
Eka Radost - keys
Khvostokryl - drums

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