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Kraja is Lisa Lestander, Linnea Nilsson, Frida Johansson and Eva Lestander, all from Umeå in the north of Sweden and was formed during the spring of 2002, for a gig at Umeå Folkmusicfestival.
We are singing swedish traditional folksongs, lovesongs, dansingtunes and hymns and also some own material, all in our own arrangements.
After our record debut with Vackert Väder 2005 (DROCD040) we have been fortuned to be touring all around Sweden, and also Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Ukraine, Russia and Estonia. In june 2008 we released our new album "Under himmelens fäste". Songs from both Vackert väder and Under himmelens fäste are available here!
We are also participating on Jonas Knutsson & Johan Norbergs new album Skaren...

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