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Rise and Shine

There are more bands using this name:

1) Rise and Shine are a doom metal/psychedelic rock band from Stockholm, Sweden. They consider themselves “flowerpowermetal”.

Current line-up:

Josabeth Leidi - vocals
Joakim Knutsson - guitar
Tomas Bergstrand - guitar
Dennis Pålsson - bass
Magnus Rydman - drums

2) Rise and Shine are a now-defunct pop-punk-core band, from Columbus Ohio.

Founding by brothers Dan Wilburn (guitars, vocals) and Brian Wilburn (drums, vocals).

3)Rise and Shine are a post-metal/hardcore band from Minsk, Belarus.

4) Rise and Shine are a pop-punk/hardcore band from Fort Worth, TX. Read more on . User-contributed text is a...

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