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Michael Holt (TN)

MICHAEL HOLT weaves together elements as diverse as Beatlesy pop, Cecil Taylor-esque experimentation, Scriabin-esque classical, and Fellini-esque lounge. Whether this takes place switching between piano and guitar at an intimate solo show, in a duo or band gig, or at a full MH Ensemble performance with strings and woodwinds, the result is an emotional and highly entertaining journey which in the end is not about any type of music, but about music itself.

(1986-2007) ...has released six albums of his original music:
- college charting album by Michael's first band, released by the late Hilly Krystal's CBGB label in New York
- two albums featuring members of They Might Be Giants, Lounge Lizards, Lisa Loeb, and Ron Sexs...

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