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The Blue Ruin

The Blue Ruin was founded by Mr. (bass/vocals) and Mrs. (guitar/vocals), with the aim of creating a meltdown of Goth, Psychedelia, Synth and Blues. The 3 band members all had different roots: Alternative Voodoo-Rock was born.

The band has had several gigs in Stockholm and has released 7 videos, the latest video "Stormy Weather" released in may 2014. In september 2014 the video Television Borderline was featured by the Promo Bay witch made the views explode on YouTube.

In January 2013 The Blue Ruin signed with Bad Taste Records and was nominated as best new band at the Manifest Awards.
In the spring 2013 the band released their debut album The New Disorder on vinyl and cassette.

"This is an album tha...

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