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Linda Sundblad

Admittedly, Linda was Lambretta, but she never let it go to her head. Together the Swedish rock group made three albums and sold more than 300 000 copies. Their biggest hits include "Blow My Fuses," "Bimbo" (co-written with Max Martin) and "Creep."

When Linda hit the charts with "She's A Freak" with Infinite Mass, she proved there could be life after Lambretta, and when the band split in August 2005, people screamed for a solo career. She also featured in Apocalyptica single release "Faraway vol. 2." in May 2003.

She released her debut album Oh My God! in December 2006, working with some of Sweden's best producers and songwriters (Tobias Karlsson, Martin Nåid Landqvist, Max Martin, and Alexander Kronlund) -- known f...

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