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There are 8 known artists with the name Skunk:

1. Skunk is a raw crust / mincecore band from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, formed in 2008 and practicing in the most squalid jam space during essential crust reeking activities. Four of winnipeg's least hygenic crust enthusiasts bring blasts of skunkcrust fury.

2. Skunk are a hip hop duo from Croatia. Members are Jantar (the MC) and Kolak47 (the Producer). They have one album titled Mauzolej (The Mausoleum) that came out in 2012.

3. Skunk is famous Russian, St. Petersburg alternative metal / ska-punk band.

4. Skunk is USA dub / punk band.

5. Skunk is a SKA band from Basque Country

6. SKUNK is a cre...

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