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West of Eden

West of Eden is a Swedish band that writes and performs Celtic-genre songs, mostly pop or rock. The main vocalist is Jenny Schaub, and her husband Martin Schaub occasionally sings as well. Ola, Kenneth, and David are some of the other members that comprise the group. Tobias Edvardson (WoE's fiddler) has left the band temporarily, with new recruit Lars Broman playing in his stead as a replacement. Tobias has been a loyal member for 15 years.

The band has released several albums, of which include: "West of Eden" (1997), "Four" (2006), "Rollercoaster" (2001), "A Stupid Thing To Do" (2003), and the winter album "And Then Snow Fell" (2007). Ouside of the formation of their band, Jenny and Martin released an album together called "K...

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