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There are at least three bands called Traitors:

1. A sludgewave band from Florida, US. Similar to bands like Black Tongue and Immoralist, Traitors play a catastrophically heavy, slow and sludgy form of deathcore. They released their debut EP (Traitors - EP) in February 2014 through We Are Triumphant Records.

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Tyler Shelton - Vocals
Alan de la Torre - Guitar
Mikey Ingram - Guitar
Dave Moore - Bass
Stephen Arango - Drums

2. They were "too much" for Jenny Jones' pro wrestling episode. Damn it, they've even kicked out their own members on occasion. They're Steve Albini and David Yow's favorite band. Maybe they're alien freakazoids too, but they're definitely on a mi...

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Lotus Eater

There are multiple artists with this name:

1) A Serbian electronic artist.
2) A folk band from USA.
3) Metalcore band from the UK
4)Doom metal/stoner metal/progressive metal band formed in 2012

1) Lotus Eater is an Electronic music producer and DJ operating under variety of pseudonyms. Brought up in Belgrade, Serbia, he spends his days mastering the arts of programming, production and web design. A parallel appreciation for bumpy beats, soul and grimer side of music has ensured that his production encompasses an array of auricular vistas.

2) Lotus Eater sounds like the beautiful voice of the glistening dew drop hanging from a single blade of golden grass on the first day of summer. With thr...

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Grayscale Season


There are at least four artists with the name Grayscale:

1. An American indiepop group founded in 2005 and active through the present.
2. A Gothic metal band founded in Finland in 2000.
3. A trio of 8bit/chiptune ATARI musicians from Poland. See Grayscale Project instead.
4. A Hardcore band from Semarang, Indonesia, free download and listen their EP here

1. Brit-pop influenced rock with a New Wave kiss… a mashup of U2, The Psychedelic Furs, and Pink Floyd. Straight outta Cleveland.

The Grayscale story begins with Douglas finding William through the murky soup of the Internet. They also found that they shared influences ranging from The Cure, to Snow Patrol, to U2. They rapidly assembled a ...

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