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There are at least four artists with the name Priest:

1. Priest aka Priest Da Nomad is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan.

As a New York City underground artist, Priest was born in raised in Detroit and Metropolitan Detroit, and began sharpening his craft at the age of 13. Overtime, and despite the ever-changing current of music, Priest established his creative properties with his storytelling abilities and poetic narratives through observant eyes. At age 24, he moved to New York to "get the hell out of Michigan. It's not that I don't love Detroit, I just love it for what it was, for what it means historically. Detroit got worse and worse, really. It's a empty, hollowed-out version of itself. I was in a position where...

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ALVAR is a Swedish industrial, darknoise and EBM act previously known as Alvarets 4 Ryttare. The band is a duo, the married couple J & J, and the music is heavily influenced by the music released on the label Cold Meat Industry in it's early days.
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