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There are at least four artists with the name Priest:

1. Priest is a Swedish band described as 'a synth band that creates music rooted in the vastness of electronic dreams. The goal of their multifaceted prophecy is to safely guide humanity unto the next evolutionary step – the merging with machines.'

2. Priest were formally known as x Priest x. An 80s style synth-pop collaborative effort between vocalist Madeline Priest and producers Dave Kazyk and Chandler Strang (of Saskatchewan fame – an indie act out of Florida well worth a listen), xPRIESTx takes the lo-fi goodness of Grimes and blends it with the cold synths of Zola Jesus.

3. Priest aka Priest Da Nomad is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan.
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ALVAR is a Swedish industrial, darknoise and EBM act previously known as Alvarets 4 Ryttare. The band is a duo, the married couple J & J, and the music is heavily influenced by the music released on the label Cold Meat Industry in it's early days.
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