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Rainbow Rock Festival 2018

Holy Blood (UA)

Christian folk metal band from Kyiv, Ukraine formed in 1999.
Genres : Folk/Death/Unblack metal
Lyrical themes: Salvation, Spiritual Battle, Heaven, Christianity.

The band Holy Blood was formed in October 1999. The band was formed when, after a rehearsal of church worship, some musicians decided to play something hard since they had enough free time.

In the beggining the band consisted of three persons, Fedor Buzilevich on guitar and vocal, Dmitry Titorenko on drums and Michail Rodionov on bass. They were previously playing in a band Voice of Cryeth with Fedor Buzilevich on bass, Dmitry Titorenko on keyboard and Michail Rodionov on guitar but they decided to make their sound harder. So, in...

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One Bad Pig (US)

From the O.B.P. webpage . . .
"Chapter 1

Pig pinatas, silly string, confetti, kiddie pool sized ice cream sundaes topped with marachino cherries, guitar smashing, giant beach balls and skateboard mayhem - all combined with powerful music and most importantly a very powerful message. Not a typical description of your average rock band? Well, it is an average description if you are the band One Bad Pig!

It all started back in 1985 when Carey Womack (lead vocals) and Paul Q-Pek (guitar) and a couple of other friends were on their way from Austin Texas to the Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois. They stopped to get something to eat in St. Louis at a Pizza Hut that was doing a promotion with local radio sta...

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Hilastherion (FI)

Hilastherion started back in 2003 when Anders Olin and William Rönn came together and pondered about an idea to create a band as melodic as possible together with uplifting lyrics. Anders composed some songs (Taken from Darkness, Jesus rules and See The Pain in His Face) and pretty fast William came up with some good music to them. Also their first gig was at a local club during that fall. Then everything halted for some months until Anders met guitar virtuoso Niclas Buss and asked him if he was interested in joining forces with Hilastherion. Happily he accepted the offer and started making both new songs and add some melodic solos to the former ones. Then again some time passed by, members left and new were found. Slow is a word Anders ...

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Parakletos (FI)

Waiting for Ravens (US)