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Zeke (US)

1) ZEKE established a nasty disposition while cutting teeth on their own brash hardcore punk. ZEKE formed in 1993 with an original lineup of Blind Marky Felchtone, Donny Paycheck, Mark Pierce, and Dizzy Lee Roth. The band’s first release was 1993’s 'West Seattle Acid Party' single on Wrecking Ball Records, followed by the 'Holley 750' single on IFA Records. ZEKE then set out to bring their energetic recordings to the stage and established a more than formidable reputation as "the live band to beat" via concentrated regional touring.

The self titled single 'Zeke' was then released on Scooch Pooch Records and was followed by the 1995 release 'Super Sound Racing.' ZEKE then hit the road again, unveiling a devastatingly high-octan...

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