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Sepideh Raissadat (CA)

Born in Tehran/Iran in 1980 Sepideh Raissadat is a strikingly gifted Iranian classical singer. Sepideh began studying Radif at the age of 9 with the famous Persian singer Ms. Parissa, and continued with Mr. Parviz Meshkatian and Mr. Mohammad Reza Lotfi and she plays Setar as her major instrument.
Sepideh was the first female singer in Iran after the revolution who sang in a duet, when women could only sing in groups. This was recorded as her first Album composed by Mr. Meshkatian when she was 18.
After she finished her Bachelors in Painting, she moved to Italy to pursue her artistic education. She graduated in Musicology majoring in Ethnomusicology from the University of Bologna.

While in Italy, she was invited ...

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