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Daniel Boyacioglu

Daniel Boyacioglu, a Swedish poet with so far thee musical CDs released. He started writing when he was 9 years old. He started rapping in early age, but then start to work with poetry instead. Now he's back on the hiphop scene with the albums 'The very best' (2004) and 'Visa 2007 – Show me the money' (2005).

Daniel Boyacioglu has won the Swedish Poetry Slam Championship twice (2001, 2002).

Then he chose to try something new, to make music. He became a rapper with a laid-back style, focused on the lyrics.

In 2006 he released a third album "No Hit Wonder".

As of 2010 he hosts P3-Text, a literature program on Sweden's national radio station, Sveriges Radio. Read more on . User-contribut...

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