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Tracy Irve

Gundelach (NO)

Since the age of 16, Kai Gundelach has been a fixture in Oslo's renowned club scene, first as an underage space disco enthusiast with a knack for getting past doormen and later as a DJ warming up for some of his teenage heroes. Kai's true musical ambitions, however, lie in writing introspective and honest pop songs, a craft he honed alone in his bedroom while earning a living playing records. Kai began to share his songs under the moniker Gundelach in late 2014, which led to him being handpicked by Say Lou Lou to support on their album tour, along with the release of his first track "Alone In The Night" in Norway and Sweden. The track now has over 1.4 million streams on Spotify.

After sending demos to Joel Ford (Autre Ne Veut,...

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