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Rama Lama

Cat Princess

Uppsala quintet Cat Princess formed at a new year's party 2015 and debuted only days after when playing guitarist Robin's birthday party. Singer Nils joined the gang after drummer Victor claimed Nils was "a diamond in the rough" of a front-man. Just as spontaneous as the band's birth are their music.

Debut EP Please Me was released in December 2016 and received positive reviews from Swedish magazines GAFFA and HYMN, claiming that their explosive combination of indie-pop and 80's art-pop channeled the spirit of David Bowie and Talking Heads. The band later signed to Rama Lama Records which re-released the EP on cassette.

Cat Princess recorded new material during 2017 and are expected to release new material early...

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Beverly Kills

Beverly Kills just slapped me in face, and I liked it! Is what you’d say if you just saw them live for the first time. Pulsing, melodic, and emotive, Beverly Kills delivers on levels that you didn’t even know existed. And you won’t even mind being violated in this way because of the ultra-talented, sexy, vixen front woman Robyn Troup, who has the attitude of Courtney Love and a voice that is unforgettable.

The 5-piece band is the offspring of Robyn’s passion for music and love for eclectic, bold, live music. Mixing ungodly-heavy synth and bass lines with the most mainstream pop melodies and then slapping driving guitar over the top, only scratches the surface of the sonic meal served up by Beverly Kills.

At a Beve...

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