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1) Stormbringer is a USBM band from CA, who released one album in 1999 entitled Abandon Hope. They play a music which incorporates influences from Black/Thrash genre.

2) Stormbringer is also a Northamptonshire, UK-based hard rock band, formed in 2011 and signed to Transcend Music as of 2013. Stormbringer performed at the Ronnie James Dio stage at Bloodstock Open Air 2013 festival and their début album was scheduled for release in 2013.

3) Stormbringer was a Swiss quintet that formed in 1984 by Dave Barreto (vocals), Angi Schilero (guitar), Fabian Emmenger (keyboards), Urs Hufschmid (bass) and Laurie Chiundinelli (drums). Taking their name from Deep Purple’s 1974 album, they specialized in melodic hard rock,

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