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Tina Ahlin

Orsa Spelmän

Orsa spelmän (spelmän = folk musicians) is a swedish folkmusic group playing traditional swedish folk music. They originate from the town Orsa in Dalarna. Different constallations of Orsa spelmän has existed since the 1970's. Today the group consists of the three brothers Kalle, Perra, and Olle Moraeus, and Nicke Göthe, Leif Göras, and Larsåke Leksell.

Orsa spelmäns rise to national fame came with Benny Anderssons(formerly of ABBA) with to make a record with accordion music. The result was "Klinga mina klockor" released in 1987 which has sold around 100,000 records to date. Since then Orsa spelmän has produced 7 records. They've also had two appearances in the US of A. Nowadays Orsa spelmän is heavily involved in Benny Anderss...

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