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And We Should Die of That Roar

Thumping Grooves, Zingy Guitars & Roaring Songs of Pain

And We Should Die Of That Roar is a one man musical adventure instigated and run by a 36 years old guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Hardy Hum. After more than two decades of wide variety of musical projects, a self-titled debut full-length 17 track studio album (out November 19, 2014) under the And We Should Die Of That Roar flag is Hardy´s first all-guitars-stomps-barks-and-howls solo exertion combining post 50’s blues with proto-punk influences and Balkanesque oompah hooks and zingy melodies into a roaring and thumping portraits of visceral dark sentiments and sense woven spells. This, however, is but a dark echo of a more distant past.

"This album ...

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