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There are several artists on that use the name "Pop":

1) POP is a Japanese idol group that was formed in 2014, which was originally a duo known as pla2me. They debuted at TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL that year and released the single Plastic 2 Mercy, produced by Matsukuma Kenta. After member Mari announced her graduation from the group, four new members were recruited and their name was changed to "POP" (Period of Plastic 2 Mercy).

The group's current lineup is as follows: Kamiya Saki (leader), Yumeno Yua, Yamamachi Miki, Inukai Maaya, and Shigusawa Ao.

POP will release their first full-length album in August of 2015, including new recordings of pla2me songs "Plastic 2 Mercy" and "UNIT".

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