Björn Skifs

Björn Skifs (born April 20, 1947 in Vansbro, the province of Dalarna, Sweden) is a Swedish singer, songwriter, actor and screenwriter.

Björn Skifs formed his first musical group, the Slam Creepers in 1963. Slam Creepers split in 1969, and Skifs went on to form a new band, Blåblus, in 1972. As Blue Swede the band had a No.1 hit on Billboard in 1974 with a cover on Hooked on a Feeling. Björn Skifs left the band in 1976 to pursue a solo career.

He did the role of The Arbiter on the original studio album for Chess.

Povel Ramel gave him his award Karamelodiktstipendiet in 1984.

Björn Skifs represented Sweden twice in the Eurovision Song Contest, in the 1978 contest and the 1981 contest. In 2000 he h...

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