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Jinjer (UA)

There are two artists of the same name:

JINJER - a pop-grop.

JINJER is an Ukrainian groove metal band formed in 2009.

2009 - 2012

Once at the very beginning of their way in their hometown somebody said behind their backs : Won't go further than local gigs! Only pathos and crabs! Today JINJER are one of the best metal bands in Ukraine with wide popularity both in the motherland, all around Europe, and even overseas.
De facto the band was formed in 2009 and right of the bat they released a promo-EP. However, it isn't really clear if we can call that line-up a real JINJER band. There was a guy, Max, on vocals. He emigrated to the states right after the demo-release. And generally there was on...

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Khroma (FI)

Khroma is a Finnish alternative metal band that formed in Helsinki, Finland in 2010.

They convey the decline of our times into an assaulting soundtrack of moody atmospherics and ambiences, down-tuned patterns and pumping trip-hop beats. It is heavy and screeching, but with plenty of non-conventional elements. Lyrically the band tackles contemporary socio-economical and environmental issues. In other words: fight the power.

After touring the Europe on three occasions in a mere year and a half, Khroma have finalized the mixing and mastering of their debut album Collapse, which will be released internationally on March 2014. Read more on . User-contributed text is available...

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