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Doom over Scania vol.V

Count Raven

Of the several Black Sabbath-inspired bands on the Hellhound label, Sweden's Count Raven, founded in 1987, was probably the most representative of the classic doom sound for which Hellhound was renowned. After four albums (all pretty similar in style), a deteriorating working relationship between founder Dan Fondelius (vocals, guitar) and the other two members, Tommy Erikkson (bass) and Christer Pettersson (drums) forced the band to fold in March of 1999. Fondelius went on to form a new band by the name of Doomsday Gouvernment. All of their albums have been re-issued by Cyclone Empire Records in 2006.

After the reunion in 2004 the trio split again two years later, so Dan Fondelius hired Jens Bock (drums) and Fredrik Jansson (b...

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Iron Void

IRON VOID was originally formed by Jonathan ‘Sealey’ Seale & Andy Whittaker (Solstice, The Lamp of Thoth) in 1998 in Wakefield in order to create an old-school Doom Metal band, worshipping at the altar of Doom legends such as Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, etc.

Sealey resurrected the band in 2008, with the current line-up consisting of Sealey (Bass & Vocals), Steve Wilson (Guitars & Vocals) & Damien Park (Drums).

To date, Iron Void have released a live demo, 'Live 2008' (2008) and an EP, 'Spell of Ruin' (Doomanoid Records, 2010). This was recently re-released (2012), as an expanded CD edition with 2 bonus tracks and additional photos. The self-titled debut album will be recorded in 2013 with engineer / prod...

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From the northern parts of Sweden, the heavy doom/metal band Mortalicum was formed early 2006 by Patrick Backlund. The band consists of the tight rhythm section Patrick Backlund (bass), Mikael Engström (guitar) and Andreas Häggström (drums) and the distinct voice and solos by Henrik Högl.

When rewinding the time a little, we find out that Mortalicum was at first only a studio project. Patrick wrote and recorded several songs during the first two years, songs on which he did all the instrumental tracks. During that time Robert Wiklander joined to handle the vocals for the demos. Though, he actually had done some drumming on the first few jam sessions. Many different songs were recorded and tried out both during the jams and as...

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Cult of the Fox

Desolate Pathway

Desolate Pathway are a UK doom metal band formed by former Pagan Altar guitarist Vince Hempstead. They released their debut album Valley of the King in 2014 telling a story of a mythical genre with an old English theme similar to A Song of Ice and Fire and The Lord of the Rings. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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