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The Cruel Intentions

After years of silence, former Vains Of Jenna frontman Lizzy DeVine has returned!DeVine has teamed up with fellow Swede Mats Wernerson (bass), and Norwegian rockers Eiliv Sagrusten (drums) and Kristian Nygaard Solhaug (lead guitar), to form The Cruel Intentions. The brand new group has just released a video for their first single Borderline Crazy, which was mixed at LaneyLand Studios by the legendary Chris Laney, who also added backing vocals and percussion to the track.

In March 2010 DeVine announced his departure from Vains Of Jenna by saying, "The last 5 years with this band has been the best years of my life. It's with a tear in my eye, but a whole lot of love and respect for the band, manager, endorsers and fans all over ...

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There is only 1 Catalano: The real deal since 2007

Hard rock/Metal from Chicago, USA

Catalano has always defied any clear genre-based classifications. To be honest, any labeling of their music wouldn’t do them justice. To put this myriad musical mixture under any label other than “unique” is to do so in vain. With influences ranging from bands such as Queensryche, Dokken, Nightwish, Edguy and Metallica to Journey, The Who, The Beatles. Catalano refuses to place a label on anything the band does. With members having Local and National success with bands such as Gynger Lynn, Miss Crazy, The Dave Shankle Group and Pyper to name a few, The band formed after working on a few songs on Pat Catalano’s recent solo project ...

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