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There are at least two artists with the name Locals.

1. A Two Piece lofi pop-punk band from Pennsylvania
2. A Florida Alternative Punk band

1. A Two Piece lofi pop-punk band from Pennsylvania consisting of members Steven Taylor (Girl War II, Saint Saira, Trip The Lights Fantastic) and Mandy Stayer (Lady Magnus and the Flea Poppers)

2. A Florida Alternative Punk band, that currently has a three song demo out now for free!
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Mary Lou

Mary Lou is an acoustic singer-songwriter from the Netherlands. Unfortunately, someone added the wrong name from an other artist, which is originally soul singer Mary Lou Williams. Her numbers are displayed here as well, but that's not the Mary Lou from Holland. We hope we can fix this.

Mary Lou (Milou Pasveer) is born on October 26 1992 in Almelo, the Netherlands. She grew up in Almelo and Borne, and lives in Enschede right now. She writes her own music, which is acoustic rock/pop singer-songwriter music. She plays the guitar and sings. She can play a variety of other instruments as well.

Mary Lou started singing as soon as she could, progressing fast and later on accompanied herself on the guitar, she first picked...

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