Svensk Musikvår

Jonas Forssell

Born in Stockholm 1957. He studied composition and instrumentation with Hans Eklund and Arne Mellnäs at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm from 1979-1982, as well as jazz and arranging for Bengt-Arne Wallin.

Forssell plays woodwinds, primarily clarinet and baritone sax, and works as a musician in various genres, not least as a theatre musician; he has written music for among others the Swedish National Theatre Centre and the regional theatres in Göteborg and Uppsala. He has also written a number of operas, such as the acclaimed Riket är ditt (“Thine is the Kingdom”, 1991), which was his definitive breakthrough as a composer and resulted in Svenska Dagbladet’s Opera Prize and the German Wolf Ebermann Prize. In 1988, he was...

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