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Norrbotten Neo

New Sweden (DE)

There is currently more than one artist named New Sweden. The bio below refers to the Delaware, USA based Americana group who have released the following albums:
Fabric Room EP (2014), The Mountain (2012), Lovers Lane (2012).

William Dobies- guitar, vocals, banjo, mandolin, harmonica
Chuck Knott- mandolin, guitar, keys, vocals
Dan Weirauch- bass, vocals, guitar, banjo, pump organ
Jimmy Dukenfield- banjo, vocals, pump organ, guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Zac Dukenfield- drums, percussion

Since forming in late 2009, the five-piece outfit, comprised of William Dobies, Jimmy Dukenfield, Dan Weirauch, Zac Dukenfield and Chuck Knott, has been entertaining fans in the greater Philadelphia region and...

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