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Sanja Maletic

Sanja Maletić (born April 27, 1973 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Yugoslavia) is a popular Yugoslavian singer. Sanja began her music career in the end of 1998. First realised album i called "Kani suzo".

She currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia. Besides her native Serbian, she speaks English, German, and Italian.

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Adis Lizalo


There are several bands called DENY. (read more below)

1. an Argentine metalcore/post-hardcore band based in Buenos Aires.
DENY was formed in 2007. The current line up of DENY consists of Nazareno Gomez (vocals), Joaquín Ortega (guitar, vocals), Mateo Sevillano (guitar), Juan Pablo Uberti (bass guitar, vocals), and Agustín Dupuis (drums).
Demo - 2006
La Distancia - 2009
Reino de Tormentas - 2011
Invencible - 2014

2. A swedish crust/hardcore band from Mariestad.
started -95 Deny on wikipedia (Swedish)
Lots of membes came and went.

3. Another crust band from Sweden from Hammarö(?)
released: "united we stand" and "the true story" on tape.

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