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Ida Nielsen (DK)

Ida Kristine Nielsen (born 1975), also known as Bass Ida, Bassida, and Ida Funkhouser, is a Danish bassplayer, composer and vocalist.

Nielsen started playing bass at age 16. From 1993-1998 she studied at The Royal Danish Academy of Music and finished her diploma with electric bass as her major instrument.

She is known for being a member of several bands, such as Belgian Zap Mama, Danish pop/soft rock band Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR), American/Canadian/Danish girl trio 3rdeyegirl (stylized as 3RDEYEGIRL, 2012–present) and The New Power Generation (The NPG) of which the last two were backing bands for Prince).

In 2008 she released her first solo album called Marmelade.

In 2010 Nielsen started w...

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