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Nick Borgen (NO)

Nick Borgen (full name Nils Thore Borgen, born 5 January 1952 in Andenes) is a Norwegian singer, musician, composer and music producer. He has competed several times in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix with the following songs:
1984 - La Musikken Leve - (5th place) - written with Eva Jansen
1984 - Dine Øyne - (8th place) - written with Eva Jansen and performed by Ina Tangerud
1989 - Vinger Over Europa - (4th place) - written with Arve Sigvaldsen and performed by Rune Rudberg
1990 - Ciao Amore - (6th place) - written solo and performed by Bente Lind
1990 - Varme Overalt - (6th place) - written with Rune Rudberg and performed by Rune solo

He also performed the song "We Are All The Winners" in the Swedish ...

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