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The Bureaucrats

The Fiction

The Fiction can refer to at least 3 bands.
(1) A math-rock/screamo band from New York in the 00s.
(2) An angular post-punk band from East London in the late 00s.
(3) A psychedelic grunge/punk group from Melbourne/Sydney Australia established 2010
(4) A dynamic three piece hailing From Manchester.

(1) The Fiction began in late 2001. This New York City band features ex-members of EM-50, Six of One, Kaneda, Freebooters and Corrupt Autopilot. Their evolution from one record to the next has been tremendous as they incorporate their disparate influences into a cohesive sound.

Colin Bartoldus - Vocals, Guitar
Dima Djurchin - Bass, Vocals
The Grillo - Drums
Marc Bungaroth - Bass (on LP33...

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