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Saban Saulic (RS)

Šaban Šaulić was born on 6 May 1951 in Sabac, Serbia, Yugoslavia. He is a well-known Serbian singer, extremely popular with fans of Balkan music in all of the former Yugoslavia. He is a follower of Islam. His beloved mother Ilduza Demirović is originally from Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He spent a lot of time with his family in Bijeljina. Šaulić was throned " King of Folkmusic" in his early career. He is married to Gordana and they have three children; Sanela Šaulić, Ilduza (Ilda) Šaulić and Mihajlo Šaulić. Ilda Šaulic is a known tennis player. In 1993, Ilda participated in the world largest women's professional tennis tournament. Sanela is married to a popular soccer player from Serbia. Šaban has also another son who is not from ...

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Sinan Sakic (RS)

Sinan Sakić (fix your tags)

Sinan Sakić (born October 13, 1956) is a Serbian folk singer from Roma descent. He launched his career back in 1978 with the singles “Rastanak kraj reke” and “Sreli smo se mnogo kasno”. As of 2006, he has released 27 music albums. He gained his first musical experience from his father who was a musician in the military orchestra.

In some parts of Serbia there is a graffiti on the side of a road to Obrenovac that reads: Bog na nebu - Sinan na zemlji (God in heaven - Sinan on earth). He is also quite popular in Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina.

Sinan has a house in India, where he spends his vacation.

His son, Medo Sakic, is also a singer. Read more on . Us...

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Sasa Matic (BA)

Saša Matić (Саша Матић) (born April 26, 1978 in Drvar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, then Yugoslavia) is a very popular Bosnian singer. He also has a twin brother, Dejan Matić, who is also a popular singer. Both of them were born completely blind. Read more on . User-contributed text is available under the Creative Commons By-SA License; additional terms may apply.

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