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Hep Stars

Swedish 60s pop band started in 1963 by Lennart Hegland (bass) and Christer Pettersson (drums). Soon joined by Hans Östlund (organ) and Janne Frisk (guitars and vocals). They won a band contest the same year in Bromma (Stockholm).

In 64 at a gig they were missing Janne Frisk who was touring the north with accordion player Erik Frank and Svenne Hedlund from Clifftones replaced him. Svenne left his former band to join Hep Stars.
Åke Gerhard, songwriter and director of Olga record label took them under his wings and began managing them. They started touring in folk parks in the summer of 64. They released their first singles the same year and when Hans Östlund left the band he was replaced by Benny Andersson (Elverkets Spelm...

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