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Scarlxrd (UK)

SCARLXRD is the moniker of the YouTuber and musician Marius Listhrop (or Maz). Maz started the SCARLXRD project just before the hiatus of his Rap-Rock band Myth City in April 2016. He posted his first song 'CASKET' to his SCARLXRD YouTube channel.
Whilst his previous work Myth City was a rap-rock/metal band where Maz provided screamed, rapped and sung vocals, SCARLXRD is purely focused on Maz rapping and features trap and hip hop beats instead of Metal/Hard Rock.
SCARLXRD has released prolifically since starting the project, including the mixtapes; Savixur, Annx Dxmini, Sxurce Xne, LXRD, Rxse, Chaxsthexry, Cabin Fever and LORDSZN. SCARLXRD released his latest mixtape entitled 'DXXM' in May of 2018 Read more on . User...

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