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Elliott Murphy Duo

Olivier Durand (FR)

Elliott Murphy (US)

Elliott James Murphy (born March 16, 1949 in New York, Long Island, New York is an American rock singer-songwriter, novelist, producer and journalist living in Paris.

In true rock 'n roll fashion Elliott James Murphy Jr. was born in Mercy Hospital, Rockville Center, New York in 1949 to a successful show business family.
Elliott grew up in nearby Garden City, started playing the guitar at 12 years old and with his band The Rapscallions he won the 1966 New York State Battle of the Bands. He began writing songs while singing on the streets of Europe in 1971 and returned to New York after a brief stay in San Francisco to secure a record contract with Polydor Records. His debut album Aquashow (1973) was a huge critical succe...

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